Vehicle Crossovers & Verge Treatment

Vehicle Crossovers & Verge Treatment
Crossover Information

Crossover Information

A crossover is the driveway access from the kerb or edge of the road to the front boundary of the property.

A constructed crossover prevents erosion and hazards for motorists, such as gravel washing onto the road and blocking the drainage system. Although a crossover is located within the road reserve, it is the responsibility of the property owner to construct and maintain it.

Under legislation all landowners within the Shire of Irwin must make an application to Council to construct a vehicle crossover.

Written approval from the Shire of Irwin must be obtained prior to construction of all crossovers including new, replacement or additional crossover.

Crossover Application
Council Contribution for Crossovers

If it is the first vehicle crossing constructed to the premises, the Shire of Irwin may contribute 50% towards the construction cost of a residential crossover after construction is complete.

The contribution is calculated on a standard 3.0 metre wide crossover. Currently, only crossovers constructed to residential properties are eligible for a Council contribution.

To claim a Council contribution all receipts for the labour and materials must be itemised and submitted to the Shire within six (6) months from the date that the crossover was constructed.

Application & Specification documents

Please view the application forms and specification documents below for information on what is required to be submitted with your application.

Crossover Installation Application

Crossover Specifications

Crossover Specifications - Diagram

Crossover Reimbursement Application


Under the provisions of Schedule 9.1, Clause 7 of the Local Government Act 1995 and Regulation 12, 13 and 15 of the Local Government (Uniform Local Provisions) Regulations 1996, all landowners within the Shire of Irwin must make application to Council to construct a vehicle crossover.

Local Government Act 1995 Local Government (Uniform Local Provisions) regulations 1996

Verge & Footpath bond

Verge & Footpath Bonds

In accordance with Council Policy P16 Protection of Kerb/Footpath & Cleaning of Road and/or drains  - in the granting of approvals for building demolition and/or development, a deposit payable by bond or bank guarantee is required to be lodged by the builder.

The amount of the deposit shall be based on an estimate of the cost of reinstating the footpath and/or kerbing abutting the allotment. The deposit will also cover the cost for cleaning the road and/or drain caused by sand drift from the building site.

The amount to be lodged for Kerb, Footpath and Road Drainage Bond is set in the Shire of Irwin’s schedule of Fees & Charges.

Council PoliciesFees & Charges

For further information contact the Shire's Infrastructure Department on (08) 9927 0000.

Verge Treatment

Verge Treatment & Street Trees

Council Policy P17 Street Trees and Verge Treatment provides the direction for plantings in the Shire's streets and verges.

Each project must submit an application for consultation with the Shire’s Planning & Infrastructure Services, prior to Shire approval.


Council Policies