Integrated Planning & Reporting

Integrated Planning & Reporting

The Shire of Irwin's Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework is a primary source of guidance for the organisation and community and incorporates the Strategic Community Plan.

The Shire is committed to using this framework to strengthen the linkages between community aspirations, financial capacity and practical service delivery. This framework is required by all Local Government authorities to ensure that priorities and objectives are delivered based on a community established vision for the future.

Our Vision

A safe place to live, an exciting place to visit and a progressive place to work.

Our Mission

Delivering excellence in service, driving growth and building strong relationships - we are open for business.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect

Strategic Community Plan (SCP)

The Strategic Community Plan identifies the community’s main aspirations and priorities for the future and outlines strategies for achieving these goals.

Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027

Corporate Business Plan (CBP)

The Corporate Business Plan describes the activities we will undertake over the next four years to achieve the agreed short-term goals and outcomes and underpin long-term aspirations.

Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP)

The Long Term Financial Plan details the financial resources needed to enact the corporate plan in the first four years and potential revenues and expenses for the next six years of the plan. It serves to inform and resource all aspects of the integrated planning activities as appropriate.

Long Term Financial Plan 2018-2028

Asset Management Plan (AMP)

The Asset Management Plan identifies and records the asset register, service levels, activities and strategies to ensure physical assets and infrastructure are managed and maintained over their lifecycle; and appropriately disposed of at the end of their useful life.

Integrated Workforce Plan (IWP)

The Integrated Workforce Plan identifies and reports on the internal capacity to meet current and future needs of the goals and objectives of the Shire and the Community, both in capacity and capability.