DRAFT Heritage Survey and List

DRAFT Heritage Survey and List

Over the past four years the Shire has been undertaking a review of the existing Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places which is currently dated 2004.

This review involved the Shire’s Heritage Consultant conducting site visits and updating 136 Place Records of heritage places in the following ways:

  • New photos
  • Update landowner and property information
  • Update description of place
  • Update condition of place
  • Revise management category to align with new category system

The review also included updating the Shire’s existing Municipal Inventory to what is now called a Local Heritage Survey in line with the State’s Guidelines for Local Heritage Surveys.

Part of the revision of the Local Heritage Survey included the need to review the Shire’s Heritage List. The Shire’s Heritage List is the selection of the more significant local heritage places, which is proposed as management categories 1 and 2, from the Local Heritage Survey.

Please view the draft Local Heritage Survey and Heritage List below (please allow a moment for the survey to load as it is a large document).

Local Heritage Survey Heritage ListPlace List

What is a Local Heritage Survey?

Local Heritage Surveys (formerly known as municipal inventories) identify and record places that are, or that might become, of cultural heritage significance. The Local Heritage Survey (LHS) is a starting resource for local heritage planning and alone has no statutory role. The LHS helps local governments make decisions that reflect local heritage values and supports the creation of a heritage list or heritage areas, which identify places to be protected under the local planning scheme.

What is a Heritage List?

The Heritage List is a list of places compiled under the Shire’s Local Planning Scheme which are given certain protection under the Scheme. The Heritage List is derived from those places in the Local Heritage Survey with the highest levels of heritage significance. It does not include all places in the Inventory.

Planning approval is required for demolition, alterations or other development, in order for an assessment to be made upon the impact of the proposal upon the heritage value of the place. The Shire may apply incentives for the conservation of places and buildings on the Heritage List by varying normal development requirements where this will assist the conservation of the place or building.

How to make a submission

If you wish to make a submission regarding the Place Record that directly affects your property, or the draft Local Heritage Survey and/or Heritage List, please do so prior to 30 September 2020 via:



Regulatory Services

Shire of Irwin

PMB 21

Dongara WA 6525

Deliver by hand

Shire Administration Office at 11-13 Waldeck Street, Dongara.

Process going forward

Following the public consultation process, the Shire will review all submissions received to assist with the finalisation of the Local Heritage Survey and Heritage List for Council’s adoption. After adoption the State “inHerit” online database will be updated.

Municipal Inventory

Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places

Section 45 of the Heritage of Western Australian Act 1990 requires the council of a municipality to compile and maintain an inventory of heritage places in its district which in its opinion are, or may become, of cultural heritage significance.

The Shire of Irwin Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places (MI) acts as a record of the heritage places within the municipality, whilst also offering management guidelines for the conservation of those places listed. Each listing contains details regarding ownership, use, history, significance, and other supporting information.

Entry of a place into the MI is recognition of its importance to the community. A management category is allocated to each place depending on its level of significance, which provides recommendation for the future conservation of the place.

The MI acts as an aid to the Shire and to the community to easily identify and recognise the essence of their surrounding heritage.

The Shire of Irwin’s Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places 

Municipal Inventory Contribution

The MI is designed to contribute to the conservation of the Shire’s heritage by:

  • Contributing to the management of the community’s resources and environment, and ensuring that change is managed with due regard to heritage values;
  • Contributing to community projects such as townscape, main street, heritage trails, local history, cultural & community plans;
  • Assisting in defining the community’s sense of place by identifying places that are a physical representation of cultural, aesthetic, historical, scientific and social value; and
  • Contributing to a body of reference information which will assist in determining the significance of individual places.


State Heritage Register

State Heritage Register

Some places of high value are also listed on the State Heritage Register. If you are unsure of the State Heritage status of a place, you can search the database which is administered by the State Heritage Office.

inHerit contains comprehensive information about cultural heritage places listed in the State Register of Heritage Places, the Australian Government’s heritage list, and other non-government lists and surveys.


A comprehensive explanation of the different types of heritage listings in Western Australia has been developed by the State Heritage Office.

Heritage Register