Weeds Management

Weeds Management
Weed control

Weed Control

Weeds pose a significant threat to biodiversity in the Shire of Irwin by degrading natural bushland areas. They also impact on agricultural productivity and can affect human health and recreational activities.

The Shire uses a range of herbicides that comply with the Health (Pesticide) Regulations 2011. These regulations primarily relate to signage, notification and licensing.

Landholders responsiblities

All landholders, including Council, have a responsibility to manage weeds and pests on their own properties. Please make it your responsibility to be informed! It is important to ensure you are not contributing to the spread of these weeds into natural bushland areas or neighbouring properties.

Weed eradication programs

The Shire also conducts programmed weed eradication programs on roadsides, at the Port Denison foreshore and on several reserves. Reasons for this include asset protection, road user safety, fire mitigation and the control of introduced weed species.

The Shire aims to minimise the use of herbicides where possible. By frequently undertaking weed management on your own verge and keeping the verge well maintained, residents can actively assist the Shire and alleviate the need to spray the verge. This will assist with reducing the application of herbicide in front of your property.

Pest plants

Pest Plants in the Shire of Irwin

Golden Crown Beard

Golden Crown Beard or Dongara Daisy

This plant is a “disturbance specialist”, which means that any activity that disturbs the soil creates ideal conditions for its establishment.

African Box Thorn

African Box Thorn

This plant infests pastures, grasslands, open woodlands, roadsides, railways, disturbed sites, waste areas, coastal environs and inland waterways.

Walkaway Burr

Walkaway Burr (Cenchrus echinatus)

This is a perennial grass that grows 12 to 75cm high in sandy or gravelly terrain. It contains sharp burrs that easily spread in areas that have been disturbed.

Advice & Information

Advice & Information

For advice on weed management, landscaping your verge or information regarding roadside maintenance, please contact the Shire on  9927 0000 or

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