Bushfire Risk Mitigation Works


29 August 2022

Please be advised that bushfire risk mitigation works are scheduled throughout the Shire and leading up to the next Bushfire Season.

Mulching and other associated treatments are being undertaken in the following areas and in and around our road networks.

Kailis Drive

Herbert Street & Coles Way

Irwin River Walking Trails &
Clarkson Street

George Street

Brand Highway

Ocean Drive


These are important works to reduce identified bushfire risk which will improve access for our volunteer firefighters, create strategic firebreaks and increase the separation distance between assets and vegetation.

The Shire of Irwin has a significant coast bushfire risk profile and through the ongoing proactive management and mitigation of vegetation by all landowners we can share in a reduced frequency and severity of bushfires incidents.

Please observe any walking trail closures and road traffic management that is put in place to ensure a safe operating area for all. The Shire apologises for any inconvenience.

Please call 9927 0000 or email for further information.

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