The Shire of Irwin receives $250,000 Bushfire Mitigation Funding


01 December 2021

With the hot weather approaching residents are reminded of the very real potential for bushfires. The Shire of Irwin is working hard to reduce the risk on land it manages, and this task has been made easier with the announcement that the Shire of Irwin will receive a $250, 000 Mitigation Activity Fund Grant.

The Western Australian government established the Mitigation Activity Fund Grants Program (MAFGP) to reduce bushfire hazards that present a high risk to assets throughout the State.

The program supports local governments with endorsed Bushfire Risk Management Plans to treat bushfire risk in their communities on State land that they manage. Eleven local governments will share in $2.8 million to reduce bushfire risks across the State.

Shire of Irwin President Mike Smith said the Shire of Irwin was facing an increased risk of fire this season thanks to high rainfall boosting grass growth.

“This funding will allow us to undertake 24 fire mitigation treatments across the Shire,” Mr Smith said.

“We will be doing on groundwork to mitigate the bushfire risk including mulching and slashing.”

Mr Smith said while the Shire was making huge efforts to reduce bushfire risk, the community still has an important role to play.

“Landowners are required to ensure their properties are prepared in the event of a bushfire. I urge residents to undertake their own bushfire mitigation to prepare their properties ahead of bushfire season,” Mr Smith explained.

“Firebreaks should be installed by now and need to be maintained and clear of flammable materials up to and including 30 April next year. The Shire will be issuing infringements for people not complying with the Firebreak Notice.

The Firebreak notice can be found here

Or visit for more information on how to prepare for bushfire season and prepare your bushfire plan.

Some things you can do to prepare your property ahead a bushfire season:


Set calendar reminders to complete these preparations monthly during fire season

  • Cut the grass around your property to 10cm or less
  • Prune shrubs so they are not dense
  • Clean gutters
  • Check gas release valves face away from property


Set calendar reminders to complete these preparations annually

  • Remove any shrubs from against the home
  • Keep gas cylinders away from likely direction of fire (i.e. where bush is) and turn release valves outwards
  • Remove wood, mulch or any flammable material against or near the house
  • Create a minimum two metre gap between your house and tree branches
  • Install metal fly wire mesh on all windows, vents and install a protective screen on evaporative air conditioner
  • Block any gaps under floor, in the roof spaces, under eaves, external vents, skylights, chimneys and wall claddings
  • Install a fire or heat radiant shield such as a solid fence


  • Make sure fire trucks can access and turn on your property
  • Check bridge loading and cattle grid loading for fire truck access
  • Create fire breaks along paddock boundaries
  • Store petrol and gas safely away in a shed
  • Install underground water pumps that lead from dams to the house
  • If a fire threatens move livestock to a well grazed paddock
  • Create a mineral earth firebreak along the boundary of your property

To report a bushfire or any other emergency always call 000 and to keep updated on an emergency or to see reported fires visit

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