Fishing & Boating

Fishing & Boating


Whether you are a professional fisherman or just love to cast a line out, Dongara and Port Dension offers it all, from beach access to boating facilities suited to all sizes of boats and platform fishing from the groyne. 

Fishing with children is easy! Try your luck at either the recreational jetty next to the boat ramp or the fishing platform at Grannies Beach. You can catch a wide range of fish species including tailor, silver bream, sand whiting and herring.

For the more enthusiastic fisherman, venture out to the rock groyne at the Port Denison Marina and try your hand at catching some of the larger species including mulloway and pink snapper.

Bring your boat and launch at the boat ramp accessible from Point Leander Drive and venture out a bit deeper for the prize dhufish and baldchin groper. 

Popular beach fishing spots inculde Seaspray Beach, Nuns Pool and South Beach.

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Launch your boat at the boat ramp accessible from Point Leander Drive in Port Denison. Log onto the Volunteer Marine Rescue Radio to ensure saftey on the water. 

We also welcome visitors with free overnight moorings available on the Recreational Jetty in the Port Denison Marina, located opposite the Sea Search & Rescue building. 

Diesel, water and public toilets are located at the Port Denison Marina and any services or maintenance requirements can be sought from local businesses.

Please contact the Shire of Irwin on 9927 0000 or for overnight mooring enquiries or for any further information on boating and fishing.