Parking & Abandoned Vehicles

Parking & Abandoned Vehicles
Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

  • The Community Ranger will attend the vehicle and attempt to make contact with the vehicle's owner
  • Vehicles found abandoned on a main road are refered to the Main Roads department
  • If the vehicle has not been removed within the specified timeframe, the vehicle will be towed to the Council Depot Abandoned Vehicle Compound
  • If the owner fails to respond to written notification of removal of a vehicle or responds that he is no longer the owner, the vehicles becomes available for sale by tender or auction after a period of 2 months


Parking in Dongara is free

Please pay attention to all parking signs and be aware of parking provisions within the local law.

Penalties may apply to any offense against any provision of the Shire of Irwin's Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law - see related info below.

Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles

The control of vehicles that are going off road comes under WA Legislation.

There are currently no areas designated for off road recreation in Dongara.

Control of Vehicles (Off-Road Areas) Act 1978

Contact Information

Contact Info

To contact the Community Ranger, please call  0427 110 237 or  or alternatively please  call reception on  9927 0000