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Rates are issued every financial year and are due and payable within 35 days of the issue date of the rate notice.

Important Notice for 2019/20 Rates

Due to an administrative oversight, the 2019/20 Rates Notices have been printed with the Financial Year Ended 2019 instead of the Financial Year Ended 2020. This does not impact on the validity of the rates notice in any way, but if you have any queries, please contact the Shire on 9927 0000. Thank you. 

Pay Rates Online

To pay your rates electronically, click here.

Rates Instalment Scheme

The following payment options are now available to ratepayers, provided that all arrears have been paid in full:

  • Option 1 - Payment in full by the due date.
  • Option 2 - Two instalments.
  • Option 3 - Four instalments.

Ratepayers who wish to be entered into the "Early Rates" prize draw must pay their rates in full by the due date in order to be eligible. The final payment date for inclusion in the competition will be shown on the rate notice.

There will be an instalment charge applicable to Options 2 and 3. The additional amount will be detailed on your rate notice and will be incorporated into the instalment payments.
*Instalment scheme attracts a 5.5% per annum charge plus a $5 per instalment administration fee.

Should you wish to make alternative arrangements other than the options detailed on the rate notice, contact the Rates Department immediately on (08) 9927 0000.

Ratepayers must elect to use one of these options otherwise an interest charge of 11% per annum (calculated daily) will apply on all rates outstanding after 35 days from issue of the Rate Notice. If these payment methods are not an option, please contact the Council's Rates Officer to discuss alternative arrangements.


Eligible Pensioners are entitled to receive a discount on their rates. Council shall determine the nature and extent of entitlement from details as at 1 July, in relation to ownership and occupation. Also a pro-rata rebate amount will be paid if a person becomes the holder of an eligible card type during the financial year which is effective from the date of registration. A deferral arrangement is also possible.

For further information regarding pensioner rates concessions, please contact Council's Rates Department on (08) 9927 0000.

Interim Rates

Some ratepayers may receive amended rate accounts during the year where Landgate considers the Gross Rental Value of their property has changed. The Gross Rental Value (GRV) is the annual amount that the owner could obtain from rental of the property, and is assessed by Landgate.

The GRV is used as the base upon which rates are levied and values are generally reviewed every 4 years. Any alteration to the property could result in an amendment to the valuation.

Penalty Interest

An interest charge of 11.0% per annum calculated daily will be added to all rates outstanding for a period greater than 35 days from the date of issue. Interest is not charged to entitled and registered pensioners.

Rating Levels 2019/2020

Council's rates income is used in the provision of facilities and services for the community, with the following rating levels applicable for the 2019/2020 year.

Townsite Land

Gross Rental Value

From 1 July 2019 all land within the Gross Rental Value area is rated using the general rate.

Object: Townsite Land within the Shire is rated using the same rate in the dollar. It is levied after the consideration of many factors such as prevailing economic conditions, increases to land valuations as assessed by Landgate, the works and asset development proposals contained in the Budget, and a variety of other factors.

Townsite Rate Structure
CategoryRate in CentsMinimum Rate
General GRV Rate 11.1808 $1021

Rural Land

Unimproved Value

At present, all rural land within the Shire is rated using the same rate in the dollar.

Rural Land Rate Structure
CategoryRate in CentsMinimum Rate
Mining 18.9882 $1021
Policy Areas A to G 1.4193 $1021


To preserve and protect the major areas of Crown Reservations and Vacant Land within this policy area in its natural state.


Set aside for Townsite expansion or impacted on by buffers and mining leases.


General Broadacre farming, not suitable for subdivision, designed to consolidate and preserve existing agricultural practices.


Hobby farming suitable for subdivision into rural/small holdings to a minimum of 15ha.


Coastal management area for future development of tourist projects and possible subdivision into rural smallholdings to a minimum lot size of 15ha.


Properties zoned as Special Residential with provision for subdivision of small 1 to 2 ha lifestyle lots.


Hobby farming suitable for subdivision into rural/small holdings to a minimum of 20ha.

Minimum Rates

The minimum rates of $1021 for all properties are set at a level to ensure that affected property owners contribute an equitable and realistic level of rates to the maintenance of services provided by the Shire.

Objections And Appeals

Objection to Valuation

Objections must be lodged with Landgate within 60 days after issue of the rates notice. Rates are still required to be paid if an objection is lodged with a refund paid if the objection is successful. Forms are available from the Shire Office.

Objection to Rates Assessment

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995, a property owner is able to lodge an objection to the rates imposed by a Council on the following grounds:

  • There is an error on the rate assessment, either in respect to the owners or property details;
  • The characteristics of the land differ from that used in the differential rating system.

The objection is to be received within 60 days of the issue of the rate notice. Please contact the Shire Staff if you would like to discuss this matter further.

Change of Address

If your postal address changes we require you to notify us in writing. The easiest way is to complete and submit the Change of Address Form.

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