Public Consultation

Public Consultation

Planning Our Brilliant Future- Local Planning Strategy

The Shire of Irwin is currently in the process of refreshing the current Local Planning Strategy (LPS) to bring it in line with current issues, economic considerations and the strategic and policy framework. As you may be aware, the Shire have been completing community engagement for their Strategic Community Plan. The LPS will be a more detailed version of this.

The LPS is a strategic land use planning document that establishes the vision and direction for growth and development within the Shire over a 10–15 year planning horizon.

Local Governments are required to review their LPS every five years, and an important part of this process is understanding the context. Your input will help identify the values that residents place around the economy, natural environment, built environment and community.

We invite you to take part in this quick survey to understand YOUR values within the Shire of Irwin. This should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. The survey will be available for one month from Thursday 4 March and closes Monday 5 April.

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Please register your details at the end of this survey to stay updated about upcoming events and project updates.




Draft CMP

Draft Coastal Management Plan

Council recently endorsed the draft Coastal Management Plan for public advertising. 

The purpose of the Coastal Management Plan is to inform the Shire of appropriate future development and land use of coastal land under the ownership or management of the Shire. The Plan investigates and takes into account coastal hazards/risks and coastal processes so that we have a better understanding of how the areas of coastal land will form or be impacted over time. The Plan covers the coast of the district but focuses on more prominent “hotspots” and continues on from the Shire’s Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) in 2016.

The Plan is comprehensive but is broken down into sections for the 3 sectors of the coast that form the recommended actions:

  • Sector 1 Northern Beaches (Section 9.0, pg. 76)
  • Sector 2 Dongara/Port Denison (Section 10.0, pg. 85)
  • Sector 3 Southern Nodes (Section 11.0, pg. 111)

These sections may assist with refining to your area of interest on the topic.

Draft Coastal Management Plan



Submissions on the Plan are welcome up to 30 October 2020: