Forms and Information

Forms and Information
Application Form

Development Application Form

Fees & Charges

Applications may also be subject to assessment against one of the Shire's Local Planning Policies.

Local Planning Policies

Info Sheets
Development Information Sheets

All information is extracted from the Shire of Irwin Local Planning Scheme No. 5.

Please note there may be additional requirements that apply to specific sites and for development applications. For further information please contact the Shire’s Planning Services team.

Bushfire Prone Area
General Farming Zone
Holiday Accommdation
Home Business
Home Occupation
Industrial Zone
Residential Zone
Rural Residential Zone
Rural Smallholdings
Special Residential Zone
Town Centre Zone
Application Checklists

The following information shall be required when submitting Development Applications:

Change of Use
Commercial and Industrial Land Use
Holiday Accommodation
Home Business and Home Occupation
Patios and Carports
Retaining Walls

Single House and Ancillary Accommodation 

(& alternations/additions to existing dwellings)

Contact Information

Contact Info

For development (planning) enquiries, please contact Regulatory Services  on  9927 0000