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Food Businesses and Stallholders

Our focus is to work cooperatively with business operators to maintain all food premises fit for purpose and ensure the best possible food safety outcomes for visitors and residents.

To achieve this, we undertake routine assessments of food businesses and provide advice on matters such as food hygiene and procedures. We also carry out routine food sampling and investigate complaints from the public.

Food Premises Licensing

The proprietor of a food business is required to apply to the Shire of Irwin for approval prior to establishing or significantly altering a food business under The Food Act 2008, the Food Regulations 2009, along with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and the Shire of Irwin Local Laws.

Do you have the relevant planning and building approvals?

If not, contact the Regulatory Services Department with any questions you may have concerning your Health application, they can advise you which applications you will need.

Buying an existing food business?

If taking over a food business which has been closed, it may require upgrading to comply with current laws. Please contact the Shire's Health Services to arrange a meeting with the Environmental Health Officer.

If the food business is currently operating you will need an inspection and apply for a Certificate of Registration.

A Food Premises Notification/Registration Form must be submitted before taking over any business.

  • Food Business Notification / Registration Form

Changing the name of your business?

Please complete a Transfer of a Food Business Application Form to ensure the Shire has your current details on record

  • Transfer of a Food Business application form

Safe Food Handler Training

Current food legislation requires all food handlers to have adequate skills and knowledge when employed in a commercial kitchen.

The Australian Institute of Environmental Health, FoodSafe Food Handler Training Program is a basic introduction for training for food handlers and record keeping systems. Although it is not essential for your business to follow the FoodSafe Program, it is highly recommended as a way of ensuring that you are meeting your obligations in producing safe food. Please read the FoodSafe website.

Stall Holder and Traders Permits

Stall Holder’s Permits (food and non-food) and Traders Permits are required under the Shire of Irwin’s local law Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Placed Local Law 2000 and the Food Act 2008 (WA).

A stall holder is a "a person in charge of a moveable or temporarily fixed structure, stand or table in, on or from which goods, wares, merchandise or services are sold, hired or offered for sale or hire", and

A Trader is a commercial business that wishes to operate on reserves vesting within the Shire of Irwin.

Temporary Food Premises and Events

If you are intending on setting up a food stall or operating a food vehicle from a community event, you must first obtain a Stall holders Permit.

Cooking food for sale from home

Are you thinking of starting a small business from home for the preparation of food for sale to the general public? The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code limits the type of foods that can be prepared from a domestic kitchen.

Please contact the Shire’s Regulatory Services Team for help in assessing your business approvals.

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