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Dogs & Dog Control

Dowload our latest brochure for information regarding Dog Ownership, Responsibilities and Penalties.


  • Choose the right dog and treat them well.
  • Ensure your dog has adequate exercise.
  • Consider the health benefits for your dog of neutering at an early age.
  • Register and microchip your dog.
  • Teach your dog basic obedience (keep your dog under control at all times).
  • Know the best locations where you are allowed to take (exercise) your dog.
  • Be particularly vigilant near children and closely supervise interaction.
  • Know when your dog will ignore commands: put dog on-leash, shorten leash, or avoid the area altogether (even if in an off-leash or designated dog exercise area).
  • Respect other people’s personal space. Public places are for everyone’s enjoyment and not everyone is fond of dogs.
  • Ensure your dog cannot leave your property by itself.
  • Know when your dog must be on a leash, and always carry a leash.
  • Pick up after your dog and carry the means (e.g. a bag) to pick-up your dogs faeces.

Dog Registration

All dogs over 3 months must be registered and wear a registration tag and a disc showing the owner's name and address. As of 1 November 2013 all new dogs registered for the first time, or dogs that are transferred to a new owner need ot be microchipped and proof of microchipping provided. All existing dogs need to be microchipped by 1 November 2015.

Dog registration fees are set by the State Government and are currently:

  • Sterilised Dogs
    • $20 / year
    • $42.50 / 3 years
    • $100 / lifetime
  • Unsterilised Dogs
    • $50 / year
    • $120 / 3 years
    • $250 / lifetime

Proof of sterilisation is required at time of registration which can be completed at the Administration Centre. Applicants must be over 18 years of age. Reduced rates are available for Pensioner Concession Card holders.

You can download the Dog Registration form here. Please return the signed form to the Shire with relevant fee. Call (08)9927 0000 for further information.

Walking Your Dog In A Public Place

Dogs must be kept on a leash in all public places, except dog exercise areas. However, in a dog exercise area dog(s) must be accompanied by a person who is capable of controlling the dog(s) at all times. A leash is to be carried by that person for the purpose of controlling the dog(s) if the need arises. Dog excreta must be disposed of by the controller of the dog. Council now provides pooch pouches and bins at all of its designated dog exercise areas.

Barking/Public Nuisance

Barking is a dog's natural means of communication and often signifies its alertness to danger of intruders.

However, a dog who persistently barks in a manner which is not considered to be normally habitual in dogs, constitutes a nuisance.

Owners have a responsibility to ensure that their dog is not causing a public nuisance. Should this occur, you could be liable for an on-the-spot fine of $200. If taken to court, the fine could be up to $2000.

Dog Attacks

Thousands of dog attacks are reported throughout the State every year. Some result in horrific injuries and trauma.

A dog attack is a very serious matter. If your dog attacks a person or other animal, you will be held responsible even if you were not there at the time.

There are very substantial penalties of up to $10,000 and/or 12 months gaol for a dog attack or inciting a dog attack.

Special Provisions for Greyhounds

Please click here to view the flyer that provides information relating to the keeping and registration of Greyhounds.

Lost Dogs

If your dog wanders from home, it may be picked up by the Shire Ranger and taken to the pound.

Impounded dogs are available by calling the Shire Ranger on 0427 110 237. For all other enquiries regarding dogs, please telephone 0427 110 237.

Dog Exercise Areas

Council resolved at the meeting held on the 24 June 2014 to give notice of the intention to specify the following areas as declared dog exercise/prohibitedareas in accordance with amended section 31 of the Dog Act 1976

  1. Dog Exercise Areas:
  • The beach area extending north from the ‘Surf Beach’ car park, being within Reserves 41087 and 41088, with the exception of the area located between the Irwin River Estuary boardwalk beach access and the bird viewing rotunda, where indicated by a sign;
  • The beach area north of the ‘South Beach’ car park and south of the ‘Obelisk’ located within Reserve 42150;
  • The beach area known as ‘South Beach’ located on Reserve 42150, commencing south of the beach access track;
  • The Town Oval, being Lot 82, location 9518 and Reserve 211191;

with the exception of land that has been set aside as a playground, a car park, or an area being used for sporting or other activities, as permitted by the local government, during the time of such use.

  1. Dog Prohibited Areas:
  • Where so indicated by a sign, a public building;
  • All premises or vehicles classified as food premises or food vehicles under the Food Act 2008;
  • The beach area extending north of the ‘South Beach’ access track to the northern end of the ‘South Beach car park, located on Reserve 42150;
  • The beach area known as ‘Grannies Beach’ located on Reserve 41087 between the Marina and the caravan park seawalls.

This resolution is subject to any written law and any law of the Commonwealth about assistance animals as defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Commonwealth) section 9(2).

Please contact the Shire’s Administration Centre on 9927 0000 for any enquiries relating to the above Notice.

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