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08 May 2024

Shire of Irwin


NEW - Agenda Forums



The Shire of Irwin is pleased to announce the introduction of Agenda Forums, which will be open to members of the public though governed by Policy CP46 Agenda Forum Meetings.


Agenda Forums will replace the Agenda Briefing Session and will occur at 5:00pm one week before the Ordinary Council Meeting. Agenda Forums provide the community an opportunity to observe and interact with items requiring Council approval at the monthly Ordinary Council Meeting.


No decisions are made at these meetings, although Councillors can request additional information or alternative wording be provided, to allow for motions to be prepared for consideration at the forthcoming Ordinary Council Meeting.


Agenda Forum

Ordinary Council Meeting

21 May 2024

28 May 2024

18 June 2024

25 June 2024

16 July 2024

23 July 2024

20 August 2024

27 August 2024

17 September 2024

24 September 2024

15 October 2024

22 October 2024

19 November 2024

26 November 2024

3 December 2024

9 December 2024*


Any statement regarding any planning or development application made during an Agenda Forum, is not to be taken as notice of approval. Anyone who has an application lodged with the Shire must obtain, and should only rely on, written confirmation of the outcome of the application and any conditions attached to the decision made by Council.


Please call 9927 0000 or email if you require further information.


Shane Ivers

Chief Executive Officer


PMB 21, 11-13 Waldeck Street Dongara WA 6525 | t 9927 0000 |  e |

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