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14 May 2024

With the recent departure of one of our sitting Councillors the Shire will hold an Extraordinary Postal Election on July 12.

If you keen to make a difference in your local community then you should consider becoming a councillor.

Nominations will open on Wednesday, 22 May and close at 4.00pm Wednesday, 29 May. 

Local councils are the level of government closest to the community. They provide key infrastructure, facilities and services to residents and are fundamental in creating strong, resilient and connected communities.

Councillors represent their local community’s needs, wants and aspirations and make important decisions on behalf of their local community.

You don’t need any formal qualifications and you will receive benefits including training, support, equipment, expenses and allowances if elected.

To be eligible to nominate as a candidate you must be registered as an elector in the Shire of Irwin and aged over 18 years.

For more information on nominating for Council visit here.

For more information on local government elections within the Shire of Irwin visit here.

Click here to view the Call for Nominations notice. 


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