Changes to Burning Season


06 April 2023

Shire of Irwin wishes to advise that the UNRESTRICTED Burning season will commence Saturday, April 8 in rural areas only.

The Restricted Period will remain for the townsite of Dongara/Port Denison and the Rural-Urban Interface as defined in the fire break notice until April 14 (Inclusive). Permits for the restricted area can continue to be obtained from your local Fire Control Officer with adherence to all conditions outlined in the permit.

Should you intend to burn, please continue to monitor weather conditions both pre and post burning and ensure that all burning is closely monitored and fully extinguished.

The Landowner/Occupier is always responsible and liable for the safe implementation of all burning on their land.

During the Unrestricted Period, you should continue to follow the below guidelines

Register your burn with DFES on 9395 9209

Notify Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions on 9688 6000 or 0417 182 618 if the burn is going to be conducted within 3km of a nature reserve.

  • Notify your neighbours.
  • Ensure smoke does not impact roads/traffic and townsites.
  • Ensure firebreaks are maintained before burning.
  • Ensure sufficient firefighting resources remain on site for the duration of the burn.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Fire Control Officer.

For more information visit here

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