Time to Install your Firebreak.


12 September 2022

We have had another wet Winter, which means fuel loads are going to be heavy this Summer.

NOW is the time to install your firebreak.

Firebreaks are used to help minimise or stop the rapid spread of bushfires by having a gap in the vegetation down to soil level, in which fire is unable to easily leap over or creep across.  Effective firebreaks help reduce the risk of fires entering or leaving your property.  They can take many forms and can be created by ploughing the soil in strips and removing vegetation.

Well-maintained firebreaks mean our firefighting crews can access your property and deal with a bushfire emergency safely and efficiently.

Firebreaks must be installed and maintained clear of flammable materials from 28 OCTOBER 2022 up to and including 15 APRIL 2023

To view the Firebreak Notice visit here.

You can also help by preparing your home early by cleaning gutters, trimming back trees and by maintaining a low vegetation buffer around your house and outbuildings.

For more information on preparing your home for bushfire season visit


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