New Fire Danger Rating System


01 September 2022

From September 1 the way that Australian fire agencies determine and communicate Fire Danger Ratings is changing.

The Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) has been developed using the latest science to be more accurate and relevant to location.

The new system will be used across the country, so whether you’re at home or travelling, you will see the same system being used.

Community feedback was used throughout the design process to ensure it would be easy to understand and the advice provided on how to stay safe was clear.

The new Fire Danger Rating system has four levels (instead of six):

Moderate - Plan and prepare

High - Be ready to act

Extreme - Take action now to protect your life and property

Catastrophic - For your survival, leave bushfire risk areas

Fire Danger Ratings will be issued on days when there is a fire risk. Each fire danger rating has a clear set of messages including the actions the community can take to reduce their risk.

Roadside signs will be updated from today. The look and feel of the new signs will be the same in all states and territories across Australia.

Fire Danger Ratings, Total Fire Bans and warnings can be found on

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