Recreational Jetty Closure Notice


03 November 2022

The Shire has been monitoring and repairing the ongoing concrete cancer of the Recreational Jetty for the past five years.

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns we must now close the Recreational Jetty to the public while we assess crucial maintenance requirements for the structure. Fences and gates will be installed, and we ask that you not climb onto or go under the jetty until the maintenance assessment has been carried out. The Shire will communicate directly with the owners of boats currently moored on the jetty.

Concrete cancer is the breakdown of a building’s concrete, specifically in areas that surround internal steel reinforcements. Concrete cancer occurs when water makes contact with the structural steel reinforcement bars and causes rust. The bars then forcibly expand and deform, breaking apart the concrete that surrounds them.

We thank the community for their co-operation during this time.

Shane Ivers
Chief Executive Officer

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