Extended Power Outages


10 February 2022

We understand and join in your frustration at the ongoing extended power outages affecting our region. The Shire of Irwin has held numerous meetings and discussions with Western Power and our local Parliamentarians regarding the issue, unfortunately we have little control over the situation. 

As a community, you have the power to lobby the State Government into taking action to address these ongoing regional power issues that are affecting thousands of people and businesses across the Mid West. The more voices heard, the greater the impact.

There are several ways you can make yourself heard. Firstly, you can express your concerns to your local Member of Parliament.

The Member for Moore Shane Love MLA has launched an e-petition in Parliament, calling for an independent inquiry into WA’s regional electricity network. 

An independent inquiry would consider the preparedness and responsiveness of electricity providers when power outages occur, the appropriateness of the extended outage payment, and make recommendations to improve the performance of the regional electricity network. You can sign the petition at

Alternatively you can contact your local Member for the Agricultural Region, Sandra Carr MLC on (08) 9964 1001, at or

Or the Minister for Energy, the Hon Bill Johnston MLA, on (08) 6552 6700 or at 

You can also voice your concerns directly to Western Power at

The Shire is also acutely aware of the communication issues that arise as a result of these extended power outages, and we are working closely with our local emergency services and Telstra to find a viable solution to this problem.

Rest assured the Shire of Irwin will continue to urge the State Government to resolve these issues.

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