Council Policies

Council Policies

Council Policies

Council Policies

Council policies set governing principles and guide the direction of the organisation to align with community values and aspirations.  These policies have a strategic, external focus and align with the mission, vision and strategic direction of the Shire.

Community development, facilities and funding policies

C5  Community Engagement and Public Consultation

C9  Dongara Public Library

C7  Financial Assistance Funding Policy

C11  Public Access to the Internet and Computer Facility at the Dongara Public Library

P22  Stallholder Permits

C4  The Village Housing Policy

CP28  Two Henry Road Housing Allocation                 

CP37  Visitors Centre Returns and Refunds

C1  Use of Shire of Irwin Community Bus

Development and Planning policies

Local Planning Policy for Outbuildings

Local Planning Policy for Advertising Signs

Local Planning Policy for Developer Contributions for Upgrades to Roads and Footpaths

Local Planning Policy for Extractive Industries

LPP01 Local Planning Policy - Shipping Containers

Local Planning Policy for Water Sensitive Urban Design

Local Planning Policy for Wind Turbines

P10  Performance Bonds

P4  Temporary Accomodation

Elected Members policies

E14  Elected Members Allowances and Expenses

E16  Elected Members Communication

E15 Elected Members Ipad

CP45  Attendance at Events (Council Members and the CEO)                        

CP36  Council or Committee Meeting attendance by telephone, video conference or other electronic means             

CP44  Councillor Training and Continuing Professional Development                       

Emergency services, volunteers & State of Emergency policies

CP02  Bush Fire Management

CP35  Declared State of Emergency for a Pandemic

E12  Emergency Services Volunteer Discount

E23  Local Recovery Management

E21  Protective Clothing for Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades

Environmental & Open spaces policies

P18  Public Open Space

P21  Requests for the Clearance of Vegetation on Reserves Managed by the Shire

Finance policies

CP14  Debt Recovery

CP43  Disposal of Property

CP41  Financial Hardship for a declared State of Emergency                      

CP01  Localised Purchasing (Regional Price Preference Policy)

C15  Management of Investments

CP20  Purchasing

Governance & organisational policies

E6  Acceptance of Council Documents in Electronic Format

C8  Art Acquisition Display and Management

E17  Legal Representation

E5  Naming of Council Facilities

C6  Online Communication and Access Policy

CP24  Recordkeeping

C20  Related Party Disclosures

CP38  Risk Management

E22  Security Cameras

E4  Use of Common Seal

E1  Use of Council Chambers

Human Resources policies

E8  Entertainment Allocation

CP32  Payments to Employees in Addition to Contract or Award

E18  Personal and Professional Development of Elected Members and Staff

E3  Staff Salary Sacrifices

CEO Standards for Recruitment, Performance and Termination 

Infrastructure and Technical policies

P23  Asset Management

P19  Employee Hire of Plant and Equipment

P12  Payment of Gravel Royalties

P14  Private Works - Local Clubs / Organisations

P16  Protection of Kerb Footpath & Cleaning of Roads and/or Drains

P17  Street Trees and Verge Treatment

P20  Vehicle Crossover Policy