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Bush Fire Prevention

Bushfire Awareness

Bushfire risk is very real, so please don't be complacent in the community. Take five minutes for a Fire Chat 

You can't outrun it, or outlast it. So take 5 minutes to outsmart it...

Dates To Remember

Burning Permits Required

15 Oct to 30 Nov and 
1 Mar to 30 Apr

Burning Prohibited 1 Dec to 28 Feb
Fire-breaks Required Rural: 15 Oct to 30 Apr
Town: 15 Oct to 30 Apr

Fire-break Notices 

2019/20 Fire Prevention Notice

Firebreak Variation Application

No Burning of any type is permitted, including incinerators, on days of very high to catastrophic fire danger.

When and How to Burn

Barbecues And Incinerators

Gas and electric barbecues are permitted at any time. Solid fuel barbecues and incinerators are PROHIBITED on days of VERY HIGH to CATASTROPHIC FIRE DANGER.

Garden Refuse And Restricted Burning Season

Small heaps (up to 1 cubic metre) of garden refuse may be burnt on the ground between 6pm and 11pm, but only after a 5 metre wide firebreak has been cleared around the fire, and at least one able-bodied person is in attendance at all times. A Permit is not required. BURNING IS PROHIBITED on days of VERY HIGH to CATASTROPHIC FIRE DANGER.

Prohibited Burning Season

No garden rubbish or refuse is permitted to be burnt in an open fire during the prohibited burning season. It may only be burnt in an approved incinerator.

Approved Incinerator

The incinerator is to be constructed on steel, brick or a combination of these materials. Every incinerator shall be constructed, or covered, to prevent the emission of sparks or burning material.

Advice Is Available

Further advice on how to protect your home and how to burn off, is available from the Shire Office or your local Bush Fire Control Officer. If you have any questions, please contact either. The safety of your whole community is at stake.


Penalties Look Up
Amount ($)Reason
$250 Failure to maintain a firebreak as per firebreak order.
$250 Offence relating to lighting a fire in the open air.
$250 Setting fire to bush during prohibited burning times.
$250 Failure of occupier to extinguish a bush fire.
$100 Refusal to state name and abode or stating false name and abode
$100 Failure to produce a Permit to Burn.
Major offences result in Court action, with Fines from $500 to $10,000 or imprisonment for five years.

SHIRE OFFICE - Office and After Hours : 9927 0000
SHIRE RANGER - After Hours : 0427 110 237

How To Obtain Permits

Burning permits can be obtained from the Shire Office, or from your local Permit Issuing Officer, depending on where you live in the Shire.

When you apply for a Permit you will need to provide the Lot or Location Number, and the Street Name of the property concerned.

Harvesters, Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engines Ban Notification

The Shire of Irwin has implemented a system of advising farmers/businesses of imposing Harvesters, Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engines Bans, via a mobile phone SMS (text message). If a ban has been imposed, all those registered will be sent a text message advising details.

If you would like to register your mobile phone number with the Shire of Irwin for this service, please return this form to the Shire office, fax the details to 9927 1453 or email  with your name, mobile number, email and locality. This form must be signed and by submitting your details you agree to participate in this scheme.

Complete this form as soon as possible. All bans will continue to be announced on ABC radio at 10am and 2pm. However, please note ABC Radio does not advise when bans are lifted. ABC Radio is still the primary means of notifying farmers of bans. Text messages should not be relied on, as the SMS System is not a guaranteed service from telecommunication companies.



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