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From the Desk of the CEO 1 May 2012

Created on: Monday, 30 April 2012 at 4:51:58 PM

Strategic Community Plan Consultation and Survey Closed on Friday 27 April 2012!

I would like to thank all those within the Community that have completed and lodged a Community
Strategic Plan survey be it online or on paper. Our consultant UHY Haines Norton was appointed to facilitate and prepare a Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan for the Shire of Irwin. UHY Haines Norton will be using the information gathered to conduct workshops with our Elected Members and Staff to identify strategies and performance indicators to achieve the local community objectives (Local Strategic Community Plan). This information will be used to define the communities; vision and aspirations, objectives and strategies. The community feedback will be integrated into a Strategic Community Plan which is expected to be finalised by end of May 2012

 The Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan are intended to drive the development of the annual budget and will become the Shire’s principal strategic documents demonstrating measurable linkages between community aspirations, financial capacity and practical service delivery. The 10+ year
Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan will deliver the following outcomes:

  • a long term strategic community plan that links community aspirations with the council’s vision;
  • a corporate business plan that integrates resourcing plans with the strategic community plan; and
  • a vision for the future viability of the local government area linked to the annual budget

A draft Strategic Community Plan will be available for public comment by the end of June 2012.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Dongara RSL for inviting me to give the Anzac Day
address. I jumped at the chance to participate especially in the context that whilst a son of a former soldier, I serve the public as a civilian in a community-based local government career. Thanks to all who were involved either in attendance or in the arrangements leading up to this day, all are important
contributions to this local commemoration and is part of a day where all Australians and New Zealanders come together to honour and remember those original ANZACs and all those since who fought and particularly those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. LEST WE FORGET

New Building Approvals

A major overhaul of the buildings approvals system was introduced in Western Australia on 2 April 2012.  New Building Regulations 2012, introduced on that date, completes a State government building reform process which in 2011 saw new laws for builder’s registration and disputes resolution.  A new WA
Building Commission has now replaced a number of building related entities.

 Under new arrangements, the role of local government in certifying that building plans comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) will be shared with private enterprise.  Local governments are now obliged to process Building Permit applications within certain time-frames.  However, it is important that prospective builders note that the new legislation also requires that applications are complete when lodged.  For example, a Building Permit application for a new house, whether certified or uncertified, must be lodged with all relevant documentation. If you need more information, you can contact the Shire Building Surveyor, or you could refer to

Hyperlinkd to the WA Police webpage to Report Hoon Driving

Local Governments have been invited to include on their website the hyperlink to the WA Police hoon reporting webpage. This initiative provides an additional avenue for community members to report hoon behaviour and to contribute to making Western Australian Roads safer. The “About Reporting Hoon Behaviour” page contains a link to the Traffic Complaint Form used to record reported information. The webpage also details what specific information is required to assist police to inquire into the complaint or establish a pattern of behaviour of an offending driver and/or vehicle. Access to this webpage can be found on the Shire of Irwin website or via the following link:



Darren Simmons
Darren Simmons
Chief Executive Officer

 1 MAY 2012

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