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A Brilliant Blend Bulletin - Issue 18 2015

Created on: Friday, 10 July 2015 at 12:49:40 PM

Recommencement of Obelisk Precinct Works

The Shire of Irwin would like to advise of its intent to recommence the Obelisk Precinct Works on Wednesday, 29 July 2015, subject to budget approval at the July Ordinary Council meeting.

These works will include the modification of existing kerbing to align with the Council adopted plan for the area, installation of required bitumen treatments, line marking, installation of footpaths as well as necessary preparation works for revegetation of the area.

Further information on the work is available on the Shire’s website at, including a copy of the concept plans.

The area may be temporarily inaccessible to vehicles and pedestrians as required between 29 July – 26 August 2015 to ensure the works can occur without interruption and the community’s safety is assured. Please adhere to safety and traffic signage in the area.

Please contact Erin Greaves, Acting Coordinator Organisational Performance (and Project Manager) on 9927 0000 or email for further information.


Fracking Expo

Onshore Energy Community Information Day

Further to the Council resolution at the May Ordinary Meeting, the Shire of Irwin will be facilitating a Fracking Expo on Wednesday, 2 September 2015 between 2-7pm at the Irwin Recreation Centre. The event will involve all interested stakeholders and members of our community will be provided the opportunity to attend.

Further information on the event is yet to be released however please watch this space for updates and event detail.

If you have any enquires regarding the Fracking Expo please contact Ms Erin Greaves, Coordinator Executive Services on 9927 0000 or email


Regional Telecommunications Review

The Mid West Development Commission (MWDC) is urging all who live in the Mid West to embrace the opportunity to have your say about the state of affairs of telecommunications in the region.

The Federal Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee last week released the 2015 Regional Telecommunications Review Issues Paper for public comment, inviting submissions from the public and interested stakeholders on key issues affecting people in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia.

Telecommunications was identified as one of the five key areas of the Mid West Regional Blueprint, needing a major focus to enable the region to grow.

The Regional Telecommunications Review comes at an important time for people living in all parts of the Mid West, with telecommunications infrastructure being upgraded through the rollout of the National Broadband Network and the Australian Government’s $100 million Mobile Black Spot Programme.

The Mid West Development Commission strongly encourages individuals, businesses, peak bodies and other interested organisations to make a submission or even just a comment to the Committee and have hopefully made it easy for you by clicking on the link below.

The Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee reviews telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia every three years. Importantly, the last review -- conducted in 2011-12-- had made 32 recommendations, all of which were adopted and implemented by the Federal government.

To download a copy for the issues paper or if you’d prefer not to address all 13 specific questions, the short-form online issues submission form is available at:

Please note that submissions are due by Wednesday 15 July 2015. The Committee will report its findings to Government by 23 August 2015.


Free Public Wi-Fi - Moreton Terrace and the Port Denison Foreshore

The Shire of Irwin is pleased to advise that it has received funding from the State Government’s Royalties for Regions Community Chest Fund, managed by the Mid West Development Commission to install public free Wi-Fi in Moreton Terrace Dongara and the Foreshore in Port Denison.

The service is now operational and titled “Free Wi-Fi”. The whole community will benefit from free Wi-Fi with new research from mobile brand Ericsson suggesting that for every ten per cent rise in the number of people online a country's GDP can grow by one per cent. You can now access your emails, social media sites and internet sites while in town.

The project was also an outcome of the Shires Tourism Development Plan adopted in 2014. With this implementation tourists will also be able to download maps, brochures, find where to stay, what's on, where to go for dinner, language translation, get them around without getting lost and promote their visit on Social Media and connect with their families.

When users log on they will be taken to the new website. The new website has local business members map locations, store details, opening hours, images and what they have on offer so hopefully this will bring in extra business.

We wish to thank Leading Edge Computers who houses some equipment and power usage, the owners of that building on which the antennas are installed, the businesses that provided us with letters of support which assisted us in receiving the funds, the State Government and the Mid West Development Commission.

If you have any questions related to this project please contact Nicole Nelson, Manager Tourism and Library Services on 9927 1404 or email


Notice of Parking on Footpaths

The Shire would like to bring your attention to the illegality and dangers to pedestrians/road users of parking wholly or partially on footpaths.

It is currently an offence under the Shire of Irwin – Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law to park on a footpath as it can create unacceptable risks to pedestrians who may subsequently have to enter the road space to pass the vehicle causing the obstruction.

Rangers are paying particular attention to this behaviour and Infringements may be issued.

Should you wish to view the Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law please visit the Shire of Irwin website /About/LocalLaws or contact the Shire Ranger on 9927 0000 or email


Weed Control Advice for the Golden Crownbeard

(commonly known as the Dongara Daisy)

The Golden Crownbeard (Verbesina encelioides) is a toxic weed that poses a threat to animals that eat the plant. It is a disturbance specialist with several germination events possible each year. Soil disturbance in or around the species should be kept to a minimum. Small infestations of the weed can be controlled by cutting it off at the base or hand-pulling. Seeds should be securely bagged and binned or burned. Chemical control is recommended for larger infestations. Glyphosate spray can be used, although this may also kill other plant species. Broadleaf sprays can also be effective, without excessively harming other plant species.

Please contact Doug Fotheringham, Manager Planning Services on 9927 0000 or email for further information.


Advanced Notice: National Broadband Network Rollout

The Shire of Irwin received notice from NBN Co of its intention to commence the roll out of the telecommunications network within the shire district.

Further information, including dates and localities, will be released soon. Please contact Director Planning and Infrastructure on 9927 0022 or email


Planning Application for a Supermarket

Notice is hereby given that the local government of the Shire of Irwin has received a planning application for a Supermarket which is proposed to be located across five properties: numbers 15, 15a and 19 Moreton Terrace, Dongara and numbers 14 and 16 Smith Street, Dongara.

The details of the application are available for inspection at the Shire office or on the Shire website (under the Planning tab). Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the Shire in writing on or before 5pm Friday 17 July 2015.

Please contact Doug Fotheringham, Manager Planning Services on 9927 0000 or email for further information.



Westpac Social Change Fellowship

The Westpac Social Change Fellowship supports people from all sectors with the drive to create better lives for all Australians.

Fellowships of up to $50,000 will be awarded to individuals who have the vision and commitment to deliver a project that will improve the wellbeing of Australians. The program is designed to give recipients time and space to develop skills, knowledge and networks they’ll need to bring their idea to life. This may involve travel, work experience, research or building stronger connections that will directly enhance their ability to lead their project.

Applications are now open. To find out more visit


Hepburn Street One-way Proposal

A reminder that community members are invited to comment on the proposed alterations to Hepburn Street, changing it into a one way street entering from Moreton Tce and exiting onto Smith Street.

Comments on the proposed changes may be submitted to the Shire in writing at PMB 21 Dongara WA 6525 or alternatively via email before 12 noon, Monday, 20 July 2015.

For enquiries please contact Aaron Wootton, Manager Works on 9927 2268 or via email


Suzette van Aswegen
Acting Chief Executive Officer

10 July 2015



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