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A Brilliant Blend Bulletin - Issue 16 2015

Created on: Friday, 26 June 2015 at 1:54:17 PM

Draft Budget 2015/16

The Shire of Irwin is pleased to advise that the 2015/16 Draft Budget is now available for public comment and can be obtained from the Council Offices at 11-13 Waldeck Street, Dongara or on the website at

Community Members are encouraged to obtain a copy of the document and provide comments to  the Shire in writing to PMB 21, Dongara WA 6525 or by email to and will be accepted until 12.00 noon Monday, 20 July 2015.


CSRFF Grant Program

Through the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF) funding program, the State Government provides financial assistance to community groups and local governments to develop basic, sustainable infrastructure for sport and recreation.

The program aims to increase physical activity and participation in sport and recreation and is an incentive for the rational development of good quality, well designed and well utilised facilities. The 2016/17 funding round will have $7 million available for allocation.

The next CSRFF round timelines are summarised below:


2 June 2015 – Round Opened

31 August 2015 – Club and Community Group applications must be submitted to LGA by end of August 2015 to ensure council endorsement

30 September 2015 – Applications to be lodged at your regional DSR Office. (Department of Sport and Recreation)


(2015/16 funding round - $750,000 available)

1 July 2015 – Round Opens

31 July 2015 – Club and Community Group applications must be submitted to LGA by end of July to ensure Council endorsement

31 August 2015 – Applications to be lodged at your regional DSR office


(2016/17 funding round - $500,000 available)

1 February 2016 – Round Opens

26 February 2016 – Club and Community Group applications must be submitted to LGA by end of February to ensure Council endorsement

31 March 2016 – Applications to be lodged at your regional DSR office

For more information, please contact Laurie Smith, Manager Recreation Services at the Recreation Centre on 9955 9200 or email on


Hepburn Street One-way Proposal

Due to identified safety issues, the Shire of Irwin is seeking public feedback on the proposal to change Hepburn Street, into a one way street entering from Moreton Terrace and exiting onto Smith Street. The proposed changes are designed to alleviate the restricted sight distance currently experienced by vehicles turning left or right out of Hepburn Street onto Moreton Terrace, will allow for more uniform parking and improve traffic flow on Hepburn Street.

The redesign of Hepburn Street, into a one way street, is consistent with the Shire of Irwin’s Town Centre Revitalisation Plan and associated works. Comments on the proposed changes may be submitted to the Shire in writing at PMB 21 Dongara WA 6525 or alternatively via email before 12 noon, Monday 20July 2015. For enquiries please contact Aaron Wootton, Manager Works on 9927 2268 or via email


Mosquito Control

The management of mosquitoes is important for reducing their impacts on health and lifestyle. Residents should take personal preventive measures to minimize mosquito bites. The Shire is also undertaking measures to reduce mosquito populations.

Breeding Prevention


The Shire of Irwin regularly undertakes mosquito larvae baiting. This practice targets mosquito larvae in water tanks and pools along the Irwin River and prevents the mosquito larvae from maturing into adults. It is generally acknowledged that larvicides are more effective than fogging. The Shire of Irwin uses target specific biological larvicides that are non-toxic to humans and animals.


Fogging is used to target adult mosquitoes in the air. Fogging uses pesticides that are toxic to other species, not only mosquitoes. Concerns of potential health impacts from releasing pesticides into the air have been previously raised with the Shire by some residents. Due to these reasons, it is likely that fogging would only be undertaken in extreme conditions e.g. following a cyclone event.

Home Prevention

Mosquitoes can breed in standing water; by eliminating breeding sites around your home you can help to reduce mosquito numbers in your backyard.

Screen the tops of rainwater tanks and/or add paraffin oil to cover the water surface.Empty pot plant drip trays once a week and empty and clean animal water bowls and troughs once a week.

Bite Prevention

Mosquitoes are most active and feed primarily during the twilight hours of sunset and sunrise. Cover up bare skin with loose fitting light coloured clothing.Use insect repellent containing DEET or Picaridin as an active ingredient on exposed skin areas

Please contact the Shire’s Environmental Health Officer, Heather Watts on 9927 0000 or email for further information.


Nun’s Pool Revegetation Thank You

The Shire of Irwin Tidy Towns Sustainable Committee was awarded funding through Northern Agricultural Catchment Council’s (NACC’s) coastal devolved grants to undertake this revegetation project. The project included collecting, propagating and planting 500 local provenance seedlings in the bare areas of the dunes to maintain the integrity of the dune systems into the future.

On Saturday 20 June despite threatening clouds looming overhead, 25 local volunteers of all ages gathered at the site ready to help revegetate the dunes.

Nun’s Pool is a unique habitat at the mouth of the Irwin River Estuary but is currently under threat from coastal erosion and degradation, primarily as a result of human pressures. 500 seedlings were planted and protective sleeves installed in record time, with a special thanks to the high number of youth that contributed to the day.

“It was great to see so many youth involved in the revegetation project – it is a great sign for the future of Natural Resource Management in Irwin. This site will be monitored regularly using NACC’s Photomon app and provides an opportunity to undertake infill plantings at the same site next year. This is just the beginning for Nun’s Pool and this site lends itself to being an ongoing symbol of the community’s commitment to restoring the unique natural resources.”

Thank you again to the volunteers and to NACC for providing the funding opportunity for this project. Please contact Coralie Palmer on 9927 0000 or email



Volunteer Workshop

The Shire of Irwin identified a gap in Volunteer Recruitment and Training during the consultation for the Community Development Plan. Gilda Davies from Volunteering WA has been engaged to facilitate workshops around best practice in volunteer management. These workshops are targeted at community and sporting groups, committees, event organisers and anyone that manages volunteers in the workforce.

Wednesday 8 July 4.30pm – 5.30pm – Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

This short workshop will get you thinking about volunteer expectations as we examine the unwritten rights and responsibilities of all parties. We also look at interesting facts and figures about volunteering in WA and explore the ‘volunteering experience’.

Wednesday 8 July 6.00pm – 8.00pm – Attracting and Retaining Younger Volunteers

This is a fun couple of hours delving into the different generations, exploring why they are different, what expectations they have and how you can capture younger volunteers. What motivates young volunteers to volunteer, stay or leave their volunteer experience? How is this younger generation different from others? All will be revealed....

Thursday 9 July 9.30am – 12.30pm – Grant Writing

Learn what funders are looking for, what they worry about and why applications fail. We will discuss different types of grants and go through the five steps for putting together successful grants. This two hour workshop is very useful for those who are time poor and have minimal grant writing experience.

Irwin Recreation Centre – Function Room.

Please RSVP to Coralie Palmer on 9927 0000 or email


Tidy Towns Clean Up

The Shire of Irwin’s Tidy Towns Sustainable Committee has arranged a family clean-up morning for the area around the Skate Park on Ocean Drive, Port Denison. Volunteers will meet at the Skate Park on Wednesday 8 July 2015 at 10am, with an expected finishing time of 11:30am.

Bags and gloves will be provided by the Shire.

Afterwards a free sausage sizzle will be provided for all participants.

Should you have any queries, please contact Doug Fotheringham, Manager Planning Services on 9927 0000 or email


Darren Simmons
Chief Executive Officer

26 June 2015

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