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Media Release - Coastal Erosion

Published: Thursday, 26 July 2018 at 3:38:25 PM


 Coastal Erosion

 26 July 2018

Due to high tides and large swells recently experienced along the WA coast, Dongara and Port Denison beaches have been significantly eroded causing damage to portions of the Granny’s Beach retaining wall. The Shire Operations team will be repairing the wall in the coming weeks. Surf Beach has continued to erode, placing the carpark at risk and ongoing erosion along the stretch of coast to the north of Surf Beach could potentially jeopardise road infrastructure. These extreme coastal conditions have also impacted the Irwin River mouth which has broadened to an extent that hasn’t been seen in many years.

The Shire have in place a Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP). This plan provides guidance on sustainable management and adaptation strategies for the coastal zone.  Due to the significant cost of coastal management for local governments, adaptation strategies may include managed retreat as outlined in the Western Australia Planning Commission’s Planned or Managed Retreat Guidelines.

However, Councillors recognise the importance of coastal infrastructure to the local community and consequently engaged Cardno coastal engineers to not only find a cost effective mid-term solution for Surf Beach, but a solution that may be applied to other affected coastal areas. Options investigated by Cardno include beach nourishment, groynes, near-shore reefs and breakwaters, revetments (sea wall) and the Sandsaver. The final recommendation proposes a combination of beach nourishment, groynes and revetments, aimed at providing temporary protection to the beach whilst a long term strategy is being developed.

In consultation with the Community, the Shire Council will consider remedial options for Surf Beach over the coming months in an attempt to identify  affordable solutions.

The Shire is more than happy to discuss this topic further with any interested parties. 

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