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Television Upgrade

Posted on: Friday, 9 March 2018 at 3:39:54 PM


Advice for Receiving Broadcast

The new television broadcast signal will be available in Dongara, Port Denison and surrounding areas by the end of March 2018.

The following notes advise residents of their options to receive the new broadcast signals.

These notes have been written in conjunction with local TV tradesmen and the Shire of Irwin.

  1. All TV programs from Dongara will be transmitted in HD (MPEG 4 High Definition). Some older receivers may not be capable of receiving these transmissions. If you are currently able to receive ABC HD or WIN HD then your receiver will be able to use the new transmissions.
  2. When the new service is in place, you will have the choice of receiving your TV reception from either Geraldton (existing system) or the new systems tower. If you already get a reliable service from Geraldton you don’t need to do anything. If you experience bad pixelation and or signal drop out, you should consider realigning your TV aerial to the new tower (Smaller of the two near the golf club/rubbish tip).
  3. If you have your own dish (VAST) and you are happy with it, there is no need to change.
  4. Tips for managing the change:-
    1. If you are currently unable to receive ABC HD or WIN HD then a low cost “set top box” can be attached to your TV which will then allow reception from new transmitters.
    2. The new broadcast channels are 28/29/31/32 and 33. The existing Geraldton channels are 40/41/41/44 and 45. You will need to retune your TV once you have realigned the aerial.
    3. Most aerials installed since digital TV commenced will work on these new channels. Some older aerials fitted purposely for the old analogue transmission might not work as well.
    4. Most installations in Dongara utilise a masthead amplifier. Some may have to be removed or adjusted. The correct setting of the amplifier is best done using a digital field strength meter. A filter may be needed to be fitted to stop the amplifier being overridden by the mobile phone 4G service.
    5. The tower will also transmit two radio channels, these are on 105.1 mHz and 106.7mHz on the FM radio band. In some cases an external aerial may be required for some receivers.
    6. Due to Dongara’s harsh coastal conditions, your aerial may require repair or replacement. If you are purchasing a new aerial, make sure it is suitable. An aerial that is cut or tuned specially for channels 28-33 will out-perform an aerial of the same size that is cut or tuned to receive all channels.
    7. If you feel that you are not capable of confident enough to get on your roof to carry out these works, please consider contracting a qualified TV tradesman who should have the necessary skills, parts and test equipment to advise you and carry out the works.

Please contact PJ Ruffles, Projects Supervisor on 9927 0000 or email  for further information.


Darren Simmons
Chief Executive Officer

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